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WORST MOVIES OF 2020 - No. 5 - 1

5. AVA

Another spy thriller following in the footsteps of David Leitch's, Atomic Blonde and Reed Marano's, The Rhythm Section. Jessica Chastain, John Malkovich and Colin Farrell are world class actors and before I watched Ava, I had high hopes for this film.

Unlike the aforementioned the movie lacks any cinematic quality or a stable story for you to remain interested in. The performances range from subdued to eccentric, whilst the set pieces are amateurish at best. An absolute waste of 97 minutes and a rare banana skin of a film from Tate Taylor.


I have a lot of time for Omar Epps and Nia Long, but this Fatal Attraction rip-off (and there have been many) is completely underwhelming and unoriginal. Fatal Affair is another one of Netflix mediocre offerings. Do yourself a favour and avoid this film.


A film that was delayed because of the pandemic, moved from it's original November 2019 release to (after a series of other dates) Christmas Day 2020 for an HBO Max release.

WW84 is underwhelming and it's a complete mess.

Couldn't connect with it enough to care about character development or story. Nowhere near as re-watchable as the first film.

It suffers greatly because its writing (Jenkins and Johns) is abysmal. Plot holes all over the place and it's messages regarding greed and capitalism carrying very little weight leaving no impression on me after them film was done. Performances are fine with Wiig being the standout as Cheetah. WW84's double opening is an embarrassment and has been ridiculed relentlessly as much as its pathetic ending. The mall scene in particular is overly cringey and offers nothing.

Overall its a missed opportunity to capitalize on the success of the first film which is far superior in almost every department.

Wonder Woman 84' has failed where Chris Nolan's Tenet has succeeded. Granted the pandemic has played a significant part, but timing is everything.


An awful sequel and pathetic attempt to pay homage to 80’s and 90’s action movies. Michael Jai White does his utmost best to carry this film. Unfortunately it's forced humour, horrible dialogue and sub par action sequences make this a forgettable experience.


David Ayer's chaotic mess of a film has put another stain on the director's CV. However, David Ayer is a good filmmaker. Fury, End Of Watch, Bright and the underrated Harsh Times are great movies that showcase his talent as a director. But for every good movie there’s a bad one and Sabotage, Street Kings and this god awful abomination, The Tax Collector.

A film so gory, so chaotic, it'll have you washing your eyes out by the end of it.

LaBeouf does his best to look hard and fails miserably, leaving George Lopez to show both leads how to command attention on screen. Seriously, George Lopez is the best about this film and he only has 20 minutes of screen time.

The Tax Collector is an unadulterated mess of film and with 95 minute runtime it probably would've better served as a 3 part miniseries.

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